Racing Driver Development

The Racing Driver Development option allows you to work on your technics and learn race tracks which will be essential to know throughout your career.

Thanks to our telemetric database, our professional driver coaches and engineers will assist you and help you improve the following points :

Get the perfect braking technics and learn how to reproduce it.

Get the best out of your car and learn how to be faster on track !

Manage your tiredness and learn how to stay focus longer.

New Tyres
Qualifying simulation to its best in order to learn how to take advantage of new rubber.

New Tracks
Learn important Swedish and European circuits in order to be more prepared for your next event.

Corporate Events

Invite your employees, clients or others to live an amazing experience into our ultra-realistic simulators.

Fragus Communications’ Sims proposes you five different packs of immersed racing :

1) Beginners
Easy model with better stability in order to discover the handling of a race car.

2) Amateur driver
Accessible to almost everyone, but needs a little experience to handle the car.

3) Sportsman
Handling closer to reality, simulating G Forces close to real life’s.

4) Professional
Identical to reality, realistic unstability and G Forces.

5) Professional coaching
Full practice session with a professional coach guiding you live through the telemetry.

Between Friends

Want to compete against your friends and see who is the best driver ? Book your session and take part to a full Qualifying + Race event in which you can compete against each other in live.

A basic One-to-One racing session includes :

Coaching Lecture
Learn the basics of driving with our professional driver coach and engineers.

Qualifying Session x 5 minutes
Get the best out of your car and try to reach Pole Position !

Race 1 x 8 minutes
Push hard during the race, overtake your opponents and aim for the win.

Debriefing and Conclusions
A sum-up of your driving technics and what to improve for next event !